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half the time the world is ending.

truth is, i'm done pretending ;

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smile for me
Hallo~ I'm Eva. I'm 15 and Asian.(: and pure fail and i love k-pop. ^^ I smile almost 95% of a day. Klutzy. Ditzy. And just plain masochistic. What's not to love? (: Give a smile, just to get one back. I have a very short attention span in real life. i rarely remember what day it is or where i am supposed to go. The internet is my aide. My portal. The window to my world. I put up facades at school because I'm scared of them seeing through me. Honest. Vulnerable. Broken, but repaired. :D My life's a mystery. Help me figure it out.

sing for me.
I'm not the most talkative person in this world, but I can be if you get to know me. ^^ I'm a good listener. Talk and talk all night long. I'll respond with a whisper of help and understanding to my furthest extent. I'm not the brightest person around. I can't sing you a song. I can't read you a poem that portrays my emotions. But I'll be a friend when you need me be. And I'll stay out when I'm not needed. Be my friend. But no silent adds please, i will ignore them right away.

I am on-and-off about many fandoms. But i love all the groups i've been into. SHINee. DBSK. Super Junior. 2PM. 2AM. SS501. KARA. FT Island. BEAST. MBLAQ. VFC. Park YunHwa. SNSD. SJ-M. Biases? Well, we'll get into that later. :D Tip your hat at the man walking through to see you. :)

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