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half the time the world is ending.
truth is, i'm done pretending ;
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16th-Jan-2013 06:10 pm(no subject)
18th-May-2011 09:25 pm(no subject)
title: all you wanted ;
pairing: sungyeol/myungsoo. friendship!sungyeol/hoya, hinted! hoya/dongwoo
summary: sungyeol and hoya have a heart to heart.
a/n: third part of bend me 'til i break. second being alive, but barely breathing (both f-locked. sorry)
warning(s): veryy OOC. rushed. blah blah blah 8D don't like, don't read.

i don't make the best decisions sometimes, but it's alright.
14th-May-2011 06:27 am(no subject)
Title: bend me 'til i break (sungyeol-centric)
pairing: sungyeol/myungsoo, other hinted!pairings, minor! sungyeol/everyone
summary: how much more can he take before he just snaps?
a/n: this plot is over-used (imho), it's not even funny anymore. first infinite ff.
warning(s): veryy OOC. RUSHEDRUSHEDRUSHED. myungsoo fangirls. please don't kill me for this. i love him as much as the next girl. it's called fan- fiction for a reason >_____________<. concrit is highly appreciated.

 it doesn’t matter that it’s almost 4 in the morning. Nor the fact that the members might not be coming home any time soon. he sits there, waiting. cradling his half empty cup of cold, bitter tea. thumbing the plastic cup gently.  )
2nd-Apr-2011 10:38 pm(no subject)

Title: Go Away.

Pairing: SeungHwan.

Summary: SeungHyun’s scared, but MinHwan doesn’t seem to notice.

A/N: Pretend that it’s still some time around the 바래” promotions. First ff post in months! dhjkasdka (:


SeungHyun's body was racking with tears )
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